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ASIC and FPGA Methodology Training

At JBTechINDIA, we offer various VLSI design and Verification courses for the fresher and working professionals.

The high growth rate of microelectronics industry worldwide has create tremendous opportunities in the area of VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) design; In fact this industry is emerging as “sunrise industry” offering global career opportunities for VLSI Engineers. Demand for trained VLSI professionals is likely to be far in excess of the availability of trained professionals. Many leading companies of the world have set up their design houses in India, as India offers an excellent source of skilled manpower. These MNC’s are offering excellent prospects with very high compensation packages even at the entry levels. Realizing this demand for VLSI professionals, our focus would be to skill our trainees to such a level and to be specialist in this field. 

We are the Only Training Center in India, offering long term Project based Training.

Job Oriented  Certificate Training Programs offered in VLSI Design

Course Overview: 

Once a design is committed to silicon, you want it to be right. Time, money, and your professional reputation can be wasted on a malfunctioning ASIC. This course will cover the steps to take before fabrication that will minimize your chances of failure and maximize your chances of success for first silicon. Steps include how to write a specification, top-down design, simulation, test vector generation, and good procedural practices.  JBTech INDIA ,a VLSI Design Services company specialized in:


VLSI - ASIC/FPGA Design Services including Project Training.

HDL Trainings.

JBTech INDIA has a team strength in the VLSI space which includes experienced professionals  capable of developing products and IPs.

Who should take the course:

  This course is aimed at the engineer who is facing an ASIC design project or wants to be prepared one.

Salient Features


 Exposure to VLSI design tools and kits      

 Unique curriculum     

 Resourceful faculty        

 Extensive hands on sessions        

 Extensive hands on sessions        

 Well-equipped library


Cooperative learning      

 Access to state of the art computing facilities 
Creative work environment  

Quality course content  

 Project Based Learning in laboratories equipped with industry standard design tool


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